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PLEASE NOTE: Do not place people on this list unless they have a reasonable claim to national-level notability, such as winning a regional or national championship, or contributing something well-known to the speech and debate community (like a sourcebook, influential theory idea, popular software package, etc.) Creating pages for less-notable people is great, but just don't link them here.

Jeub, Chris (Blue Book sourcebook, Monument Publishing)

McPeak, Isaiah (Ethos sourcebook; Ethos Publishing)

McPeak, Josiah (NCFCA National Champion in Team Policy debate)

Shipsey, Patrick (NCFCA National Champion in Team Policy debate)

Srader, Doyle (NCU Debate Coach and prominent NCFCA/Stoa commentator)

Trefethen, Vance (Blue Book sourcebook, Monument Publishing)

Lou, Jon Chi (Dominate Debate sourcebook)

York, Scott (Former President of Stoa and coach of Paradigm)

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