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 Post subject: Evernote for Extemp
PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:09 am 
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This is a wall of text. If you don't want to read a ton of extraneous stuff, skip down to the bold font.

Let me first preface with the caveat that this is my first year competing, so please correct any mistakes regarding NCFCA/IEs. I'm a Team Policy debater, and because TP research has taken a significant amount of my free time, I've been slacking at extemp research. When I did finally get around to extemp, I decided there were two problems with the method my club uses/used. 1) Tedium/inefficiency. 2) Club size.

When I first tried the "copy an article into a word doc and then save the word doc in dropbox" method that my club (of two, including myself) proposed, I found it to be incredibly time inefficient. My first thought was to write a script to automate this process, but things like titling the saved article require human input for every article. This was still incredibly inefficient. I then searched online to find extemp software. I found plenty - but all of it cost more money than I was willing to spend at once. I looked some more, and found that the Jeub family uses Evernote to save extemp articles. I looked at the software, and it takes two-three clicks to save a page - far more time and effort efficient than anything else I'd found, and also quite cheap. There were, however, two remaining issues: I still had to do some clicking, and there was a data limit on how much could be clipped to a notebook. The data limit was solved by a $5 monthly subscription (which was far more affordable for me than a $25 lump sum payment for Extemp Genie, as I can cancel the subscription when not competing that month). But now, I wanted automation. So I downloaded AutoHotkey, a little application that'll run whatever script I want to do whatever I want (super simple to learn - it took me ~20 minutes to figure out how to do what I wanted). Using this, I automated the remaining process of saving articles. This is what it looked like.

RESULTS (link)

How to implement this on your own computer
YouTube Tutorial (should be used in conjunction with the following instructions)
  1. Sign up for Evernote
  2. Download and install the Evernote application
  3. Purchase Evernote Premium
  4. Create a notebook (to which you will save all of your articles. This notebook should be shared with your club members - who should also have Evernote accounts - to allow them to add articles to the notebook.)
  5. Download and install the Webclipper Extension for your browser
  6. Download and install AutoHotkey
  7. Open a new Notepad doc
  8. Paste the script into the notepad:
    Loop 2 {

    Send {click 8, 430}
    Sleep 100
    Send {click 1555, 44}
    Sleep 2500
    Send {click 1446, 191}
    Sleep 250
    Send ^{tab}

  9. Open Window Spy
  10. Find the coordinates for each click position:
    • The first one is at the leftmost edge of your screen in the middle.
    • The second should be on the web clipper extension (elephant image on your toolbar)
    • The third should be on the save button
  11. Ensure that you adjust the number of iterations for the loop according to the number of articles you'd like to cut, and save the script

The primary reasons to use this system over Extemp Genie would be 1) Sources - You can use whatever sources you want; 2) Club collaboration - if your whole club is doing extemp, you can compile a massive amount of articles and a wide variety of sources using this method.

Let me know if you think of any improvements.

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